is a networking group designed to help you succeed in the business market.

At Networking Niagara, you can represent yourself professionally while sharing and receiving active business leads.

Established effectively in Niagara since 1999.




Why We’re NOT JUST a Breakfast Meeting!


  • Great Meetings!

  • Great Food!

  • Great Connections!

  • No Hassle Weekly Meeting Time!

  • One Member Per Professional Occupation

  • Informative Presentations


All Types of Businesses Welcome


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Unlike most business groups, Networking Niagara only allows one professional from any given occupation. This enables group members to build a rapport and trust without competing interests amongst each other. Our meetings are fun and interesting, you will be surrounded by local business leaders, it is a welcoming weekly event worth getting up early for!

At Networking Niagara we meet weekly with the agenda of exchanging qualified active leads. But by getting to know each other personally and professionally, the group is assured that when they pass along a lead, that prospect will be handled appropriately.